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    Art Therapist

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    Emotion & Body Code Practitioner

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    Life Coach

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About me: From Science ~ to emotional healing ~ to energy healing.

I wasn’t always into energy work. My first degree is in neuroscience (full bachelors in biology, psychology and many courses in: physics, computer science and the brain). I am the kind of person that needs proof. My Masters is in art therapy, I spent years working with children and adults and consulting parents.

When I moved to the USA, I transformed my clinic to online. I learned that I can access anyone’s subconscious, with their approval, from anywhere. I learned this time and time again, getting more and more proof to this ability of mine as I was working with clients on an emotional level. During a session, a client was in Florida while I was in Israel. We did active imagination and I saw her at her parents house. I saw a pot on the stove and asked her why is she scared of that pot? She answered: “Every time before a hurricane warning my parents would fill up water in pots all over the house, I knew it meant something bad was going to happen”. I had no way of knowing that, I didn’t grow up in a hurricane prone area and didn’t know what people normally do to prepare.This session brought great insight to her ongoing anxiety.
I had a session with a man that didn’t believe in this kind of work. During the session I saw him ride his bike with a friend. The friend was calling him to ride after him, and then I saw a cross and felt fear. I shared this with him. He replied: “I’m jewish, there’s no cross in my life, you’re wrong”. I said, ok, let’s ask for more information. His subconscious told me to tell him to keep riding until he reached the construction site he used to play with as a kid (he never told me about this), as he was standing there, in his mind, he said: “wow. There’s a graveyard to my right. There are crosses everywhere. I used to be terrified of that as a kid”. This session made him believe there was a knowing part inside of him, and he continued to get great insight from it.

Then, I went through a life or death situation, where in order to heal myself, I had to trust what my body was telling me. Time and time again, I asked my body questions and saw that the answers I’m getting are making me better, never worse. I became an emotion code and body code practitioner (method of energy healing), and since then developed and shaped the ways in which I work, to bring results for my clients.

Acute vs. Chronic

A client called me after she was a second from a car crash. She saw the whole thing, the injuries, the drugs and alcohol that caused the accident, the trauma of the drivers.. She was in shock and couldn’t fall asleep. I worked on her for an hour, releasing not only things from the accident, but also related things that were brought to surface by this trauma. Her body calmed down and she was able to sleep.

A baby was born in a traumatic birth and was not nursing despite all efforts. I was able to identify that the nerve knowledge of how to nurse is stuck in higher levels. I was able to release the trauma from the birth and release trapped energy from his reflex. I released old trauma about nursing from his mother (she had trouble nursing her first born and also trauma about this from past lives). In a few hours, the baby was nursing, cuddling in his mama’s arms.

These are examples for energy that recently got stuck. It’s in the upper layer. Finding it and releasing it doesn’t take much time.

Chronic issues are buried under many layers, and protection layers so they take more time. For example: A client came to me with a liver disease. We worked for several weeks, and while her liver disease was still there, she told me about a skin issue that went away, awful itching gone, her husband is treating her better (she’s sending something else to world now and also setting boundaries), her friends are asking her what she’s doing different because she feels like she’s making a positive change and so on..Her Liver disease is a result of years and years of stuck energy, and the body can’t release it all at once, it needs time to process the release. But each step we took brought us closer and closer to health.

A client came to me with Hashimoto’s (thyroid autoimmune disease), after a couple of weeks she texted me: “I’m lying here in bed, and for the first time in my life, I feel like I love myself”. This new feeling allowed her to do more for herself, eat better, make better choices, so alongside my work of release, she was raising her vibration (love is healing), allowing her body to release more each time. We both danced with joy when the lab work came in clear from Hashimotos.

A client came to me with lifelong anxiety. She tried anything and everything. Some things brought some relief but the anxiety always stayed. Her first session showed me she’s carrying an intense trauma her mother went through when she was conceived. This understanding brought a sense of calm to her system, as if it’s something she always knew but couldn’t put her finger on. The original trauma was covered by many layers of trauma caused by this ongoing anxiety, so we had to release not just the root cause, but all those times she felt she’s about to die, or something extremely bad is going to happen. Week after week I got texts of her becoming more and more active in life, being less afraid and feeling more happy and more confident, until she finally felt the anxiety is no longer an issue at all.

Energy work is about me listening to the client.

First session is an audio session where I listen to your life’s story for an hour. If we missed anything important during that hour you can text me it afterwards. If you know it’s long, you can book two hours in advance.

After that, each week, clients pay me before the session (I am 100% in the healing, I don’t spend energy on reminders for payment), and right after send me a text (on an app called WhatsApp) telling me how they’re doing. This includes challenges and positive changes they are noticing. I then work on them on the day we agreed on (time may vary) and send them a report of what was released and any questions I may have. They can reply and ask questions.
I am releasing stuck energy in the form of emotions, heavy metals (that represent emotions – always), toxins, pharma products, food toxins, trauma and much more. The release is done from all levels: body levels, consciousness levels, and energy levels until it’s completely cleared from the system. So for example: “Helplessness” or “Mercury” can be written once in my report but released 10-100 times until cleared completely.

Some changes will be very present. Like a rash gone, or a pain healed. Others will be more subtle, like you will look back and realize you’re able to do more each day, or you started that project you always wanted. It will feel natural, as if it’s 100% you. Because it is, you showed me how to help you get to the now you’re experiencing. I listen to the different layers of being of my clients and they direct me.

Each week you will tell me what you want me to work on, as I mentioned. But if your layers are showing me something else is more urgent – I have to go with what I’m shown as it’s in your best (high) interest. Many times I will work on A, but C,E,H and M will improve as well.
Either way, the information you provide is vital, your involvement in your process is vital, and this is a joined effort.

Many times I give my clients tools that they can use during the week to bring more healing: art therapy tools, healing touch tools and more. You can also ask your body questions about what to eat, what’s good for you. I do not replace your doctor, but I can share with you what your body is saying and you can choose for yourself.

Sessions are on a sliding scale of $150-250. Clients communicate with me via WhatsApp. You can text at all times, I answer when I can.

Sessions are once a week. Some people ask for more, I always check with their body because you do need processing time between sessions. Each session is an hour. Most clients go about their day when I work on them, some ask to be present, I always check what’s in their best interest. Sometimes I will work on a client for 30 minutes, the body will show it needs a break, so I will work on someone else and let them rest, then come back and give the rest of their time. This way I make sure you get your full hour each time.

My background is therapy – so just like therapy, everything you tell me and everything I find out while working on you – stays between us always.

On a personal note.

On a personal note, I am a mother of 3 children that are the most important thing in my life. I work from my heart, and I only work on people I know I can love. You heal with love. Before starting sessions I need your approval to check with your being and my being that we’re a good fit. If so we can start sessions, where you pay me for my time, which is the only resource we can’t have more of. When I’m not working or teaching I am with my husband, children and many pets, learning more about energy healing (I believe we’re always learning), and working on my farm, connecting to nature.

Feel free to tell me/ask me anything. I am a very open and honest person, and I welcome honest and real communication.