I bring years of experience to the table. I worked with all spectrums, all ages and consulted large organizations. I have a gift for helping people and it’s my deepest passion. Transforming your life is not my job, it’s who I am. People who know me, will tell you I am an old soul and I do not rest until you are in a better place. What I think is the biggest game changer here is, I am not only using me, my experience, my gifts and passion. I am also using the most powerful, most knowledgeable, most accurate force that exists. This force knows you better than anyone and knows exactly what you need to do now to make the change you were hoping for. This is your subconscious. The way I work is accurate, deep and life changing because I am bringing all of you to the table, not just all of me. You are about to find out that all the answers you were looking for, were inside of you all along. I will show you your true worth and how time and time again, you can access this higher intelligence in you and simply thrive.
People I work with describe a general change in their well-being. They feel more balanced, more capable, more connected to their inner strength, living more consciously and with a deep awareness of their inner strengths and inner richness. Things that were once holding them back seem like distant memories and they can bring their full potential, energy and drive to accomplish anything and be exactly who they want to be, surrounded by the people that are right for them and simply feeling accurate and thriving in every aspect of their lives.
No artistic talent or prior experience is needed. We can all imagine, so, when it’s time to put our imagination on paper, we can complement it with writing, so even if it's not even close to what you see in your mind, for example: you saw a black bird and all you can put on paper is a black circle, that’s sufficient because you can write on a separate paper or your phone or computer - what you actually meant. Unlike what most people think about Mandalas, this way of using the mandala is not about aesthetics whatsoever. It's about connecting with your higher intelligence and receiving a message that will help you improve your life. This tool is for everyone.

unlocking you

I use the most powerful tools to bring you to where you want to be.


Connect with your Higher Intelligence


The mandala is a tool that connects you to your subconscious. It helps us re-center and have a more balanced perspective on everything.

Accurate as can be

Because the message that appears in the mandala came from you, it is as accurate as can be. It is connected to everything and everyone, so you are right on track every time you listen to your mandala. No more guessing.

Knowledge is power

No one knows you better than your subconscious. Connecting to your inner self reveals the knowledge you need to live your life in the best way possible.

Find your strength

our subconscious has endless resources. It never gets overwhlemed, hurt or tired. The mandala creates a connection to your inner strength.

Discover you

Search outside no more. You are about to discover that everything you always looked for, all the answers, the strength, the knowledge, the wisdom, the power and the love - they are all in you.

endless love

The force that connects all of us is love. Deep unconditional love. Through the Mandala, you connect to that force that then feeds your soul and everything else in your life. It's a balancing force that is everything we need.

change is imminent

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