The addition of the Mandala in life coaching is better in that I am not only bringing forth my own experience to assist you in healing. I collaborate with the most powerful, knowledgeable, accurate force that exists: your subconscious. It is brought to the surface by the creation and interpretation of the Mandala, and the collaborative process between myself and you. Your subconscious knows you better than anyone, even me. It knows exactly what you need to do now to make the necessary changes to live as your most authentic self. The Mandala will show you that all the answers you were looking for were inside of you all along.
The process of creating a Mandala makes people feel more balanced, capable, and connected to their inner strength, as difficult emotions are released and reaffirming emotions are left to be tapped into. Also, awakening the subconscious using the Mandala allows for living more consciously, and with a deep awareness of their inner richness. Things that were once holding a person back seem like distant memories. They can bring their full potential, energy, and drive to accomplish anything. They can be exactly who they want to be, surrounded by the people that are right for them.
There is no barrier to making your own Mandala, so reaping the benefits of them is accessible and fast. Mandalas are a tool for everyone. We can all imagine, so you can put your vision on paper when it's time to, regardless of artistic talent (or a lack of it). You can complement your illustration with writing, so even if it's not remotely close to what you see in your mind, the message being sent from your subconscious will shine through. For example: If you saw a black bird in your imagination and all you can put on paper is a black circle, that’s sufficient. Just write down what you saw. Unlike what most people think about Mandalas, this process is not about aesthetics whatsoever. It's about connecting with your higher intelligence and receiving a message that will help you improve your life.

unlocking you

I use the most powerful tools to bring you to where you want to be.


Connect with your Higher Intelligence


The Mandala is a tool that connects you to your subconscious. It helps to re-center and have a more balanced perspective .

Accurate messaging

Because the message that appears in your self designed Mandalas comes from you and your own subconscious, it is the most accurate representation of your mind's activity. You are right on track every time you listen to your Mandalas. No more guessing.

Knowledge is power

No one knows you better than your own subconscious. Connecting to your inner self reveals the knowledge you need to live your life in the best way possible.

Find your strength

The subconscious has endless resources. It never gets overwhelmed, hurt or tired as the conscious mind can. The Mandala creates a connection to your inner strength.

Discover answers from within

Search outside yourself no more. You will discover that everything you were always looked for — all the answers, the strength, the knowledge, the wisdom, the power and the love — they are all in you.

endless love

The force that connects all of us is love — deep unconditional love. Through the Mandala, you connect to this force that feeds your soul and everything else in your life. It is everything you need to live a full life.

growth is imminent

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