No artistic talent or prior experience is needed to make full use of the Mandala. This tool is for everyone. We can all imagine, so there is always something to be put on paper. Even if what you put on paper looks nothing like what’s in your mind,
you can supplement your design with writing. For example: You saw a black bird while engaging in active imagination and guided imagery, but all you can put on paper is a black circle. That’s sufficient, because you can write what you meant for it to be on a separate paper, or your phone. Unlike what most people think about Mandalas, this is not about aesthetics whatsoever. It’s about connecting with your higher intelligence and receiving a message that will help you improve your life.

We “meet” online once a week. Prior to meeting, I give instructions on how to create a Mandala and explain what to do. You create one in your free time and send me a picture and a text describing the process of your work. When we meet, we talk about your life, and we understand your Mandala together. Many times we understand it even deeper in light of our conversation.

Even though we meet once a week, creating a Mandala every week is not a must. The idea is to start listening inside, to develop a sense of connection with yourself so you’ll know when it’s time to receive another message from your subconscious mind. In other times, when not analyzing Mandalas, the relationship being built between us has its own healing powers and life changing benefits.

The biggest game changer here is that I am not only using my years of experience working with several populations. I am not only using my gifts and passion. I am also collaborating with the most powerful, knowledgeable force that exists: your subconscious. This force knows you better than anyone, even me. It knows exactly what you need to do now to make the change you were hoping for. The work I do to interpret your Mandala is accurate, deep and life changing. I am bringing your mind and your intuition into the healing process, not just my own.

You can expect more interaction on the deeper levels of your mind. This will allow us to uncover the root of your problems faster. More than that, the subconscious holds the answer to your problems, so by guiding your subconscious to the surface, you will also be told how to handle it much faster than in traditional therapy. I am not going to tell you what’s wrong in your life, because your subconscious already knows.

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