There is a mental space inside each and every one of us, that, if we learn to ignite it, will allow us to become the best versions of ourselves.

This space is called “The potential space”.

This is the space that inspires entrepreneurs to solve difficult problems. The space that provides artists with a creative fountain of ideas and speakers with clever ways to communicate their ideas.

How to enter the Potential Space?

When a baby is first born they create a bond with their primary caregiver through this nonverbal mental space. The caregiver (most often their mother) can sense what their baby needs because they are subconsciously mentally tuned to this space. Their brains are constantly looking for new signals to help them react to their baby in an appropriate, accurate-as-possible way.

As the baby grows into childhood (and later adulthood) they will unconsciously rely on these past experiences where their caregiver was tuned to their non-verbal communication, trying their best to provide accurate care. These past experiences allow them to develop a rich world of “play-pretend” where they can relive a similar feeling of care by carrying a teddy bear, holding a pacifier, cuddling with a blanket or other transitional object in order to feel safe and protected even when their caregiver isn’t there.

This potential-Space is a space between fantasy and reality where we know it’s not completely real but also not completely detached from reality. 

As children grow this space provides them with a rich environment where they can feel safe to play pretend, replicate what they perceive as adult behavior and practice the possibilities of what they can become. The ability to feel like they are almost there and thus, able to turn that into reality later on.

When they play our kids are constantly pushing themselves to learn, create and adopt new skills and abilities. 

We do art when we are in the potential space, giving a voice to our inner soul that wouldn’t be able to be heard without this magical non-verbal, subconscious-accessing tool. 

As adults, we invent, turn brilliant ideas locked inside into realities we shape, build incredible businesses based on visions we experience in this space and visualize a reality before it happens. 

You imagine the life you want to live in the potential-space before you are able to execute it in reality.

In this space, we are the best version of ourselves and we manifest the best versions of what can become.

The potential space is our inner power-house and if we learn to actively enter it, use it, unlock its inner magic we become a whole person. Entering the potential space allows us to truly sit inside yourself accessing all that you are and all that you can become.

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My name is Reut Shalev, I’m a mother of 3, with a bachelor’s in neuroscience & Masters in Art Therapy.

From the moment I became an art therapist the way I parent has completely transformed thanks to my knowledge of the potential space. Using this knowledge and various accessing skills I have been able to uncover serious emotional issues, empower children to change behavior and achieve what were once tough-unattainable goals.

Over the course of several years practicing Art Therapy in Israel I have learned many ways to help children access their potential space and decipher hidden thoughts, experiences and emotions that were setting these children back and preventing them from leading a normal life.

I feel this skill and methods are gifts every caregiver should have. So I started writing a book to share these gifts with others. In the “Gifts of the Potential-Space” I will share my learnings, observations, actionable methods and materials that will help any caregiver access their child’s potential space.

I am currently looking for early access readers that would provide feedback on each chapter as I progress in my writing. 

The book will teach caregivers and educators how to invest and unlock this Potential Space using tools and insights from the art and play therapy worlds. These tools can help bridge the communication gap between us and our children. They provide us with non-verbal ways to better communicate and understand our children. They allow us to ignite the one thing that will make our children happier, fulfilled whole people.

If you are interested in learning more about the potential space and would be willing to provide me with your honest feedback – I would like to invite you to be an early access reader. This group of “beta” readers will get first access to my materials and will have the privilege of helping me shape my writing. 

Once the book is ready they will also get a free copy (Special offer for first 200 people who sign up).

Special Bonus!

A part of my book will be dedicated to deciphering children’s art, play, and general behavior. I invite participants in my early access group to submit their questions which will be posted anonymously. 

Your privacy and the safety of your child are of the utmost importance. While sharing your private questions can enhance learning safeguarding your privacy is imperative.

From time to time I will post answers to these questions on my group and select the most impactfull learning to be included in the book! I will demonstrate how to leverage the use of the potential space to unveil answers and why the skills of the potential space should be in every caregiver’ toolbox.

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The Gifts of the Potential Space are my passion and I want to share it with you.

With love,

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