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Mandala's provide a quick, reliable way to access your subconscious. They enable you to connect to your inner self and unlock your true essence. Start Here

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The people I work with describe a general change in their well-being. They feel more balanced, capable and connected to their inner strength. They live more consciously, with a deep awareness of their inner richness. Things that were once holding them back seem like distant memories. They bring their full potential, energy and drive to accomplish anything. They are able to be exactly who they want to be, surrounded by the people who are right for them. Schedule a personal session to start connecting with your subconscious, unleashing your true powers, and living the life you were meant to live.


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Wellness Courses

Intro To Mandala As a Healing Tool
Interpreting Your Mandala

Interpreting Your Mandala

Duration 95 minute
Aviva Weiss Klaro Reut has developed an amazing method that is simply life-changing. I had the privilege of knowing Reut for a few years now, she is super thorough, extremely insightful, amazingly kind, and a true professional. A loving soul
 I wish to communicate what a life-changing process this has been for me. I have done talk therapy multiple times throughout my life. I am pretty self-aware, so talking through it always helps on the surface, but the deep-rooted problems
I am going through changes and transformations in this process and solving issues that I’ve been trying to figure out for YEARS!!! Who knew that there’s such a powerful and accurate tool for personal growth? I feel so blessed that
Reut is extremely intelligent emotionally and intellectually. I feel like I am finally getting a chance to connect to my therapist and through it to myself. Her method is really working for me. And she is very humble about her