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Interpreting Your Mandala

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Lesson 1 – Welcome

  • What we learned in the first course.
  • Active imagination is not a must, the Mandala puts us in meditation mode that brings up symbols.
  • You don’t have to wait for an entire story to unfold, once you see a symbol, put it on paper.
  • Use writing to clarify your drawing.
  • After you’re done drawing and writing it’s time to unlock the message, this is what this course is all about.

Lesson 2 – What’s in this course and why it’s so important

  • We are starting this course after we have a Mandala ready and we answered all the post Mandala questions that are a part of the writing process.
  • We feel curious or anxious around the message that we did or did not receive
  • Fear not. We always receive a message.
  • In this course, I will teach you how to unlock the message so you will be able to use what you learn here on every Mandala.
  • Mandala making will become a part of your life as a tool that helps you re-center, connect to your powers, love, knowledge, wisdom and strength that are in all of us.
  • This tool will help you navigate your life in a way that is more accurate to you.
  • This tool is life changing because it’s the road map to how you’re supposed to live.

Lesson 3 – Post Mandala work – writing is important 

  • The Mandala brings us some of the information, writing brings us the full picture, makes the information more accessible. 
  • The importance of the different questions that we answer after we create our Mandala.
  • If I am the one who’s helping you understand your Mandala, your writing is bringing me as close as possible to your experience, thus allowing me to know more and help more.

Lesson 4 – Decoding the message

  • This breakdown of decoding the message is simplifying a super complicated process.
  • This formula of decoding works and allows us to extract as much information from the Mandala, connect to our subconscious, receive an important message and have a clear roadmap to our lives.
  • It works. And it’s life changing.

Lesson 5 – Emotions

  • How we feel during and after the Mandala is the most important aspect of them all.
  • We want to get information from every layer of us: conscious, subconscious and collective subconscious, and this is the way to do it.
  • 80% of the work is to stop and acknowledge how we’re feeling.
  • Doing the Mandala and acknowledging our emotions create such a significant shift in us, that even if we stop here – it’s a life changing practice.
  • My turning point – when and how I learned to trust my emotions and my ability to read art.
  • Examples when trusting our subconscious allows us to “return home”, know what’s real and what’s not. Allows me to help my clients accurately because this channel is open. You will be able to do this too and receive a lot more information. It will allow you to progress faster and better because everything will be more accurate.
  • Allows us to release things that are pulling us backwards, emptying us, holding us from making progress so now we can be free to be ourselves the way we’re supposed to be.

Lesson 6 – Symbols

  • A very technical stage.
  • We highlight all the symbols in our writing, and we google “(symbol) meaning in a dream”.
  • We decide what interpretation is correct by logic but mainly by intuition.
  • As we’re just starting we write down all the options and see what makes sense. Sometimes more than one option is relevant. As you gain more experience, open the channel more, your intuition will grow stronger and you’ll be able to rely on it.

Lesson 7 – Colors

  • Personal color meaning vs. Collective color meaning.
  • One option will make more sense or feel stronger or both options will be relevant and meaningful.
  • With time, you’ll know.

Lesson 8 – Associations 

  • Associations give us more information.
  • Helps us make the message more accurate, many times in a meaningful way.
  • The Mandala creates an emotional release that allows us to receive the message, there is nothing standing between us and the message – thanks to the mandala. Without the mandala, the same message might not have been received or accepted because of energy to emotional blockage. 
  • Associations allow us to understand the message in a deeper way and the context becomes even more personal.
  • We treat every piece of the puzzle in full seriousness, it’s important.

Lesson 9 – Stages

  • We grow (spiritually, mentally) in a spiral.
  • 13 stages creates a circle that is a journey, one of many.
  • The spiral, that is our life, is built from many journeys, many circles.
  • We go through each stage many times during the course of our lives.
  • Every stage is a gate and an opportunity to release past experiences, past pain and past trauma and any other debilitating energy.
  • The stage represents both present and past.
  • Mandalas that look like a stage are not better or worse than “regular” mandalas, they simply give us more information and invite us to work deeper on both present and past together (multi-layer).
  • Stages are not positive nor are they negative, they are what they are, mirroring reality, because we are always somewhere on this journey, so even if it doesn’t sound amazing, we’re always on the move, towards another stage.
  • This demonstrates life’s ups and downs. Give us a different perspective and another dimension to view the human experience.

Lesson 10 – Placement on paper

  • Conscious Vs. Subconscious.
  • Inside the circle Vs. outside the circle.
  • Center Vs. sides.

Lesson 11 – Connecting all the pieces – Building the Puzzle

  • Connecting all the pieces that we learned thus far, in order to create the picture, and receive the message our subconscious was trying to give us through the Mandala.
  • Examples of 3 different Mandalas: going through all the pieces until we receive a message.
  • The Mandala opens a communication channel to our subconscious, thus it is easier to know what interpretation is more accurate.
  • Our subconscious is super smart. It knows how to present the message to us so we won’t miss it.
  • Once we have all the pieces of the puzzle, we take a step back to see the entire picture. We will connect both to knowledge and feelings to reach the right message. Afterwards, we will feel a sense of relief, re-centering and love.
  • Every person has their own Mandala style but the decoding formula remains the same.
  • There is no right or wrong way to create a Mandala, the point is to connect to a higher intelligence, our subconscious that helps us navigate our lives in a more accurate, compassionate, centered and loving way that will bring you to where you want to be, and turn you into the person you want to be.

Lesson 12 – Bonus: Early life experience Example

  • An example of an early life experience that was released through Mandala work.
  • The mandala gives an opportunity for super deep things to be released. These things were influencing our lives without our control and we were not even aware of it.
  • This opportunity to release these things allows us to clear energy to things that are meaningful to us.

Lesson 13 – Message received, now what?

  • A feeling of deep love and connection after the message is received.
  • Shift of energy, a real change in life and relationships.
  • Something that was draining you in the background is no longer there.
  • Renewed passion.
  • Other things will “click” – more understanding.
  • You will realize there is a force in you that is always there for you.
  • The subconscious is connected to you, its you, bringing you the message in the time, pace, intensity and way that will allow you to accept, process, listen and take action accordingly, so your life will improve.

Lesson 14 – Closing the process

  • A small ceremony to close the process.
  • We can continue getting relevant messages but help close the current sessions and the thoughts surrounding it.
  • Every time we will need help and guidance in the future, we’ll know to use the Mandala knowing we will come out of this process stronger, wiser, re-centered and capable of dealing with anything.
  • Thank you.
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After many years of working as an art therapist and parents guide with a wide variety of populations, conditions and systems, I currently work online as a coach using the powerful tool called Mandala.

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