Energy Healing Self Help Tool For Exiting FFF Freeze Mode Due To Current Events In Israel – October 2023

Here are some things that are coming up these past few days in energy healing sessions with people, which might help others help themselves:

Energy healing encompasses the entire “system” of a human being. All emotional, conscious, and unconscious parts, all energy layers, past generations, past lives, personal and collective traumas, the soul, everything – whether we believe these things exist or not. I come from a scientific background, then emotional therapy, and now energy healing – we are energy, and energy can move. That’s the good news.

How does it move? Through the power of thought. In other words, a channel of love, wanting the highest good for the individual, serves as a healing force that the system knows how to guide on its own, often with assistance from higher powers. I will write some things that are repeating in sessions and provide practical tools to move and release this energy. If it’s a part of your system, it will move (and those who work with a pendulum or know how to do a self muscle test can check what’s relevant to them).

1. Collective trauma: Everyone with an emotional or physical connection to what’s happening now experiences the energy of collective trauma. It’s a freeze mode energy. We know the state we enter in a trauma – fight, flight, or freeze. Collective Trauma is a super strong freeze energy. This is the first energy we need to release so that other things can move.

2. Fight, flight, or freeze (FFF): This is the energy that opens up when we are in an active trauma. The physical and emotional sensations are very challenging, and often, trauma “pulls” more trauma, meaning the current trauma draws out past traumas, and we become even more overwhelmed. Closing the active trauma state allows us to address other emerging traumas. More on this in section 6.

3. Past lives: I didn’t believe in this either at one point. Since then, I’ve seen how releasing things from past lives positively affects people’s lives, and I’ve experienced various “journeys” there. We’ve seen similar things in the past. We lived them. This causes our system to believe that what was is what will be. It leaves many people in an unconscious state of helplessness. When we release the influence of this, we can return to movement. It’s another release of energy that gets us out of “freeze.” If you can use a pendulum or muscle testing check how many past lives you’re releasing, you need a number, not content. If you can’t check this, just release it as is.

4. Deep emotional and physical identification with the victims: In situations like these, there can be very real surges of feeling that we are there. Tears are uncontrollable, physical symptoms, difficulty sleeping, tremors, physical pain, unexplained flashbacks, and more. It’s important to understand that some of us are highly sensitive and can immerse ourselves deeply. It can be very powerful, allowing me, for example, to feel things strongly for others and release them, but it can also create new traumas that aren’t ours. The understanding that we are like this calls us to take better care of ourselves and avoid  stories, videos, and even discussions about these difficult events. “Guard your soul” is critical. It’s important to note that the goal is not to disconnect and become unaware of reality; the goal is to exit the freeze so we can return to a place of choice and movement.

5. Blame for being “okay” and alive: It’s a state that doesn’t allow a person to help themselves, and there are unconscious actions of not supporting oneself  and, sometimes, self-harm.

6. Our traumas from this life: As I’ve written before, trauma pulls other trauma. Many of us have traumas we are not aware of, but the “body remembers,” as does our soul and many energetic layers that do not play a role in daily awareness. The current state exacerbates these traumas, and we enter a self-destructive loop because the trauma wants to be re-lived, and we keep seeing new updates, videos, endlessly… doing things unconsciously that harm us and prevent movement and decision-making that would be beneficial. These traumas require deeper treatment – enrgetic and emotional, and it’s not something that’s resolved quickly, but in a state of active fear and anxiety, it’s impossible to deal with past traumas.. It is important to identify harmful behaviors, release what’s available for release so we can move and help ourselves. Releasing the energy available around this now allows us to exit  the freeze mode. I write both FFF and our traumas from this life  because it’s not always the same thing.

7. Fear/anxiety of what triggered us the most: we read and saw stuff, sometimes without wanting to. Something from this exposure, usually a main thing, shook us to our core in ways we are having a hard time recouping from. Releasing this energy allows us to recenter and connect with our resources. Yes, there are also general fear and anxiety, here we’re talking about actual fear and anxiety due to exposure to content or event.


Adding a few sentences to integrate with our system to help bring it into balance – from Louise L. Hay’s book with an emphasis on movement, exiting the freeze mode, and making decisions, whichever they might be – supporting me and what’s right for me now without fear of judgment of the others or that I won’t be able to handle what’s ahead of me.

There’s no need to identify with these sentences. It can be challenging to read them in today’s reality, they unconsciously work to balance the system. It’s a strong contradiction to everything that threw you off your center. That’s all you need to know for now.

1. I am free to ask for what I want. There is no fear in expressing myself. I am safe.

2. Supporting my needs is my birthright. I now ask for what I want with love and ease.

3. I am now fully centered in love and joy of being alive. I flow with life. I have inner peace.

4. I am absolutely thrilled to be myself. I am good enough just as I am. I love and appreciate myself. I am joyful and accepting.

5. I easily digest life. I take in new ideas every moment of every day. All is well.

6. I am the authority for myself. I love and approve of myself. Life is good.

7. I accept my own power.

What to do now? Read what’s written here. Mostly the first words in each section, the title. Imagine energy coming from the earth, the loving earth, the loving vibration of the universe – entering through your feet and passing through your entire body up to your head. Imagine, no more is needed. In the second stage, imagine the same energy that reached your head flowing to your hands; often you’ll start to feel currents, which is excellent. Now imagine that same energy following the path, but in a spiral, from your feet in spirals that surrounds you up to your head, from your head in spirals that surrounds you up to your hands. The currents will often intensify. Sometimes it helps to hold the sentences in front of you or have the post open, for example, next to you.

This is an act of “cleansing.” When you feel it’s right, send out everything that has been cleansed back to source. It’s often good to close your eyes and imagine the energy leaving you and rising upwards; it will go where it needs to without harming anyone. 

Now go over Louise Hay’s sentences. Do the same process only now you are bringing energy into your system. Finish this by sending a gratitude beam of light that comes from you and straight to source, appreciating this stabilizing energy. 


Many of us are in fight, many of us are in flight. 

Get out of the freeze. 

Freeze makes us feel that everything is okay, and it will pass, and everything is minor,and postpone making any decisions that could be critical, while it can feel very nice, it doesn’t allow us to feel our emotions, connect to our deep inner wisdom and what precisely is right for us and our family, and in the long run, only causes damage. It’s a trauma reaction. It’s not the time to sit and lick wounds; it’s the time to help ourselves and understand what’s ahead for us. And you can only do that when you are centered and  within your own power.

I’m praying this post will reach whoever needs it and guide people out of freeze mode.


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