Hi, I’m Reut

My name is Reut (pronounced Reyoot). I moved from Israel to Colorado several years ago. Together with my husband, I’m raising my 3 children and 3 pets (1 dog and 2 cats).

After many years of working as an art therapist and guide to parents within a wide variety of populations, conditions and systems, I currently work online as a coach using the powerful tool known as the Mandala.

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for ‘circle’ or ‘completion.’ The process of drawing the Mandala allows a deep connection to the subconscious. The completed Mandala is a perfect reflection of the creator. The colors and symbols within the Mandala are visualized messages from the creator’s subconscious.

The subconscious is there to guide us. If you are having a problem, the subconscious knows what it is and how to help. If you listen to it, you will get what you need much faster than doing traditional talk therapy.

You can rely on your inner world, your inner self, for knowledge, strength, and balance.

I will coach you through the process of creating your own Mandala. There is no need for any artistic talent or prior knowledge to use this tool. After it is finished, I will be able to interpret the message sent by your subconscious.

I also use active imagination in times when the message needs some further investigating or when we wish to connect to ourselves in more ways. And, of course, there’s an open conversation and a sense of true closeness and intimacy between me and my clients. 

Mandala that helped uncover problems.


Mandala is the Sanskrit word for ‘circle’ or ‘completion.’ It is a tool from the art therapy world and art in general. The Mandala is like an elevator that allows us to move down to our subconscious level, connecting the conscious and unconscious self. The Mandala brings awareness to a message the subconscious wishes us to have at the time of creation.

This connection to ourselves allows us to release the emotional energy that makes us feel stuck, drained, depressed or obsessed with repeating thoughts. The Mandala is a form of meditation that allows a true, deep connection inside, a type of dream mode. The understanding that the Mandala brings, as well as the emotional release – creates a deep change within us. It is as if we returned home – to real balance. We are centered again. The Mandala brings to the surface the difficulties we currently face, but also the solution to our problems.

My clients and I ‘meet’ online once a week. Prior to meetings, I give clients instructions on how to create a Mandala, and pictures of the finished work, as well as text messages describing it, are sent to me for analysis.

When we meet, we talk about life and understand the Mandala together. Many times we understand it even deeper in light of our conversation. Even though we meet once a week, creating a Mandala every week is not a must. The idea is to start listening inside, develop a sense of connection with ourselves, so we know when it’s time to receive another message. Over time people get a feeling when it’s time to create another Mandala, because they already have experience of the insight and balance that it brings. At other times, the relationship that is built between us has its own healing powers.

The people I work with describe a general change in their well-being. They feel more balanced, capable, more connected to their inner strength. They have started living more consciously and with a deep awareness of their inner strengths and richness. Things that were once holding them back seem like distant memories. They bring their full potential, energy and drive to accomplish anything and be exactly who they want to be, surrounded by the people that are right for them, and simply feeling like their most accurate selves. They thrive in every aspect of their lives.